The Essentials of Residency, Citizenship, and Tax

11 Nov

Residency is the act of staying in a given place.  This place may be a village, town, a city or even a country.  Major cities and countries play host to citizens of other countries.  One can become a resident of a place due to some reasons.  Citizenship is the state of a belonging to a given state.  A citizen is a legally recognized member of a state

There are several ways in which one can acquire citizenship.  A baby automatically becomes the citizen of the country where they have been born in.  One can also become a citizen of a country following an adoption.  The third way by which one can become a citizen of another country is through a process known as naturalization.  This happens when a non-citizen request to become a citizen of a given country.  You can become a citizen of another country via the international treaties. This is not a common way of attaining citizenship though. Some countries allow their citizens to become citizens of other countries at the same time.

Moving from one place to another may be influenced by a number of factors.  These movements include even the cross borders movements.  There are several reasons why one might decide to live in a given area.  There are people who become residents of a place because of the employment opportunities in that area or country.  This is the number reason for why people become residents of a place.  In relation to this, a job transfer can make you shift your residence from one place to another.  Know more about tax at

Further studies is another factor that influences where a person lives.  Many people have left their countries to become residents of others due to their pursuit of further learning.  For instance, many students from different countries end up staying in the United States even after graduating.  Some of them become citizens of the United States through naturalization.  Some people run away from their homes and become residents of other places because of war and insecurity.  One can become a resident of another place because of fleeing to another area due to security reasons.  Work, education, and insecurity are the main influencers when it comes to Malaysia tax residency to a place.

Tax is basically money paid to the government.  This money is usually not for the acquisition of goods and services.  All the citizens of a country are subjected to pay the taxes.  Governments also expect all the working noncitizens to also pay their taxes.  The taxes of the citizens are different from those with noncitizens.  This is one of the benefits of being a citizen.  The collected money is used by the government for governance. The government then ensure that the citizens access certain residency and citizenship services.

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